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           Case Management

The role of the Case Manager is to access and coordinate all necessary services for individuals in order to facilitate optimal recovery in their rehabilitation. A Case Manager can become involved at any point in time. Ideally, a referral is made during the acute stage. Often individuals will be seen while still in hospital or inpatient rehabilitation.

The Case Manager performs the following:

  • Meets with the individual client, family members and health care providers and gathers information through available medical reports to assess their needs and the most appropriate therapy and services

  • Determine most suitable therapists based upon injury type and expertise, and facilitate referrals including providing all necessary information to the clinicians

  • Maintain communication with treating physicians, rehabilitation professionals, insurers and lawyer to ensure they are up to date regarding individual’s injuries and prognosis and ensure establishment of mutual rehabilitation goals

  • Monitor progression of rehabilitation and address issues as they arise to ensure the most timely and optimal recovery possible.

Skilled case management ensures rehabilitation is goal-directed, cost-effective, individualized and client-centered.

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